Why Muslims Must Know the Meaning of the Name Isa Mesih

Why Muslims Must Know the Meaning of the Name Isa Mesih

When a husband and wife are getting ready to have a baby, they usually think long and hard about names. Sometimes finding a fitting name with good meaning takes time. Names are very important and last our entire life.

The same was true for the prophets. Their names were significant. What does Muhammad’s name mean? What is the meaning of the name Isa Mesih? Why is this important for Muslims?

Meaning of Muhammad’s Name

Muhammad’s parents gave him this name after he was born. The name Muhammad is Arabic and means praiseworthy. That is a wonderful meaning.

Why is Muhammad worthy of praise? According to Islam, he was the final prophet and the best example for mankind. Allah revealed the Quran to him.

Meaning of the Name Isa Mesih

Every December 25th, Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. They remember Isa Mesih’s birth. What’s the meaning of the name Isa Mesih?

Isa means “Allah saves.” Mesih means “anointed one.” So the name Isa Mesih means “God’s anointed who saves mankind.” What’s your opinion of the significance of Isa Mesih? Email your thoughts to Yolcu216@gmail.com

What’s unique is that Allah, not His parents, gave Isa His name. “But the angel said to her . . . ‘You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus [Isa]’” (Gospels, Luke 1:30-31).

From What Will Allah Save People?

Why did Allah choose the name Isa Mesih? Isa will save mankind from what?

We find the answer in the Gospels. “. . . He [Isa Mesih] will save his people from their sins” (Gospels, Matthew 1:21).

Isa Mesih is not like other prophets. He didn’t just bring warnings or teachings from Allah. He is actually able to save us from our sins forever. Actually, the reason Isa came to earth was to redeem us from the punishment we deserve because of our sin so we can have a perfect relationship with Allah.

Why Should Muslims Care?

Who can become Isa’s followers? Only Israelites? Only those from Christian families? Of course not!

Every person that believes in Isa Mesih becomes His people and will be with Isa in heaven. Isa will forgive all of your sins. “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus [Isa Mesih] is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Injil, Romans 10:9).

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