Did Isa claim to be Allah?

Isa Is Not Allah! Isa Never Said, “I Am Allah!”

Isa never said “I am Allah!” Is this true? Did Isa ever claim to be Allah?

The answer to this question will help us settle the 1,400 year-old debate. And it will determine our correct attitude towards Isa Mesih.

What Name Does Allah Hold Transcendent for Himself?

Allah defined His name when He met Moses in the desert. Allah revealed Himself as “Fire” in the bush. At that time, according to the Quran, Allah said, “O Moses, indeed it is I – Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Wise” (Qs 27:9).

According to Allah’s Word (Torah, Exodus 3:14), Moses asked for an explanation of Allah’s name. Allah, using Hebrew, gave Himself a very unique name: ‘Ehyeh.

‘Ehyeh in Greek = ego eimi

‘Ehyeh in English = I Am

Some experts translate it as “I Am There,” “I Am I.”

Why Did God Limit His Name to “I Am”?

Allah did not want Moses to equate Him with other creatures or gods.

The name “I Am” separates Allah from all creation. It emphasizes that Allah lives outside space and time (history). He was not created, had no beginning, and there’s no other person like Him. The name “I Am” emphasizes His Oneness.

Did Isa Mesih Ever Call Himself “I Am,” namely “‘Ehyeh”?

One time when Isa was discussing with religious authorities, He said that He came to save humanity.

He also said that Abraham was longing to see His coming. The religious experts rebuked Him immediately. “You’re not even 50 years old. How could you have possibly seen Abraham?!”

How did Isa Mesih. answer? “Before Abraham was, I Am.” He used the special name of Allah, ‘Ehyeh, ego eimi, for Himself (Gospels, John 8:56-58). All experts agree, in this statement, Isa called Himself Allah.

Because of Isa’s words, the Jews wanted to kill Him. Why? Because Isa was blaspheming by equating himself with Allah (Gospels, John 10:33).

If Isa Al-Masih isn’t Allah, why did He call Himself eimi ego repeatedly?

The Last Time Isa Used the Name “I Am” (‘Ehyeh, ego eimi)

The night before His crucifixion, the Roman soldiers arrested Isa. When they caught Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, they asked if He was Isa of Nazareth. He answered, “I am Him” ​​(ego eimi, ‘Ehyeh).

When Isa said that, all the soldiers retreated and fell to the ground. Why? Because Isa was Allah who became a human. By saying ego eimi, His glory was revealed to the soldiers (Gospels, John 18:6).

While Isa never said “I am Allah” in those exact words, Isa is ‘Ehyeh, ego eimi, I Am–Allah. He left heaven to give us salvation through His death. May you be ready to accept His gift of salvation!

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