Is Isa Allah?

Is Isa Mesih Really a Manifestation of God?

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The Quran gives Hz. Isa Mesih a mighty and glorious name. He is called the Word of Allah (Qs 3:45, 3:39).  Yes, only Isa Hz. Isa Mesih is given such a lofty and important title.  Why is this?  Why are no other prophets given such a name or title?  There must be something about Hz. Isa Mesih that is truly unique and superior to all the other prophets of Allah.  The Quran declares the supremacy of Isa Al-Mash in Qs 4:171 by not only calling Him the Word of Allah, but a Spirit from Allah as well. Hz. Isa Mesih is the voice of Allah. He was chosen to declare the will of God to man on earth. As God thinks, so Isa speaks. And by the Spirit from Allah, He performed miracles that only God can perform.

Isa Mesih is the Divine Manifestation of God’s Thoughts and Will

Just as a man’s thoughts and words are part of himself, so God’s thoughts and words are a part of Himself as well. They can never be divided and are always together in His divine being. Hz.Isa Mesih, as the Word of God, is part of God’s divine being. He is eternally part of God. He is the manifestation of the thoughts and will of God.

Only God is Perfect and Holy, yet the Quran Tells us Hz. Isa Mesih is Perfect and Holy.

God could not choose a mere earthly man to be his word.  Man is sinful and fallen. There is no way the righteous and divine mind of God could unite with a sinful creature. God had to use the only sinless and righteous man to ever walk upon the earth.  He chose His perfect and holy Son to be his word(Sura 19:19). Not just because the Son was perfect and righteous, but because He is a divine part of God.

Hz.Isa Mesih as the “Spirit from Allah” Performed Miracles That Only God Can Do.

Look at the miracles performed by Isa Mesih! Was there ever seen anything like it? No, only Isa healed lepers, gave sight to the blind and raised people from the dead (Qs 3:49)! Aren’t these signs and miracles indication of His divinity? Disease had no power over Him. He lovingly and boldly touched the lepers and they were healed. Hz. Isa Mesih’s divine power by the Spirit of God overcame the power of sin and disease.

God Became Man.

Christians have never elevated a man to a God. We know that there isn’t one righteous man among us. We are all sinners. But the all-powerful God, because of His great love and mercy, sent His Son into the World to save mankind from sin and death. Through Isa Mesih, God became man. He lived. He died. He rose again. He is now in heaven. He will come again at the hour of Judgement(Qs 19:33; Qs 3:55; Qs 4:158; Qs 43:61).

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (Injil, John 4:16).


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