What is the Purpose of Isa Coming to Earth?

What is the Purpose of Isa Coming to Earth?

There are many similarities about Isa Mesih in Islam and Christianity. For example, Isa was born of a virgin, He was holy, never sinned, did many miracles, and is now in heaven.

One other similarity is that Isa will come to earth on Judgment Day as Judge. But there is one difference between the teachings of these two religions. Isa already came down to earth. What is the purpose of Isa coming to earth?

Islam’s Teaching About Isa Coming to Earth

Islam teaches that one sign the end times are near is the coming of Isa. The purpose of Isa coming to earth will be to destroy Satan (Ad-Dajjal). According to one Islamic website, “Isa will abolish all false religions and sects and will break the cross.”

Do you agree with this?

When Will Isa Come Down to Earth?

Both Muslims and Christians are uncertain when Isa will come back as Judge. There will be signs of His coming, but no one knows for sure. When that day comes, that will actually be Isa’s second time coming down to earth. What about the first time?

First Time: Purpose of Isa Coming to Earth

Isa Mesih already came down to earth more than 2,000 years ago. Why use the phrase “came down”? Because before Isa was born, He was in heaven with Allah.

“In the beginning was the Word [Isa Mesih], and the Word was with God . . .” (Gospels, John 1:1). When Isa was born, He came down to earth and became human.

Isa declared: “For I have come down from heaven . . .” (Gospels, John 6:38). Why did He come?

The objective of Isa coming to earth was “. . . to give his life as a ransom for many” (Gospels, Matthew 20:28). Who are the many people?

Every person who believes in Him. “. . . whoever believes in him [Isa Mesih] shall not perish but have eternal life” (Gospels, John 3:16).

So, Isa’s primary purpose in coming to earth the first time was to save mankind from their sins.

Second Time: Purpose of Isa Coming to Earth

Isa’s followers are waiting for His second coming. When He comes, everyone will see Him.

Every follower of Isa will be taken to Heaven to live with Allah forever. Isa Mesih will not judge them because all of their sins have already been forgiven. They will go straight to heaven. Email us if you want to avoid judgement and go straight to Heaven when you die.

However, Isa will judge every person that does not put their faith in Him. They will go to Hell, separated from Allah forever.

Why Celebrate Isa’s Birth?

With Isa’s birth and death, He made a way for you to be saved. Isa is willing to forgive your sins if you put your trust in Him. This Christmas, let’s celebrate Isa’s first coming so we will be ready for His second coming.

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